Nebula IT Systems specialise in IT support for any size organisation, from a fledgling start up business trying to shine brightly all the way to well established enterprises the size of galaxies. 

We understand that every organisation is different, which is why we specialise in bespoke IT support packages to suit every business to include contracts and SLAs depending on your requirements. 

Your IT infrastructure has never been in better hands with us, even if you do not have an IT strategy, IT budget or disaster recovery plan in place. We can walk with you through what can seem like minefields and techno-jargon to achieve your end goals in a timely, proactive, secure and well thought out process with our IT expertise which spans 25 years. 

As your go-to for anything technical related, we are here to help support your organisation in the following ways; 

• On the phone direct to an engineer 

• WhatsApp direct to an engineer 

• E-mail direct to an engineer 

• Remote dial-in support 

• On-site support 

We also speak to your preferred software vendors such as Sage, ACT!, 2020 Fusion, OptiSoft, and all other third party software vendors to integrate your hardware and their software into one fully functional eco system for your organisation to run as efficiently as possible. 

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